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What is a chatbot?
A chatbot is an automated intelligent customer service system. It’s a virtual companion that integrates into instant messengers and helps your business stay closer to your customers.
Shall we boots sales? Hi there! Chatbot’s at your service. I can help your business! What shall we improve? Are you willing to improve your customer loyality? Are we cutting communication centre costs?
You can see how chatbot engages customers
Where can bots be found?
Chatbots is a virtual companion that integrates into messengers. The amount of messengers users is constantly growing, surpassing the number of social networks users.
WhatsApp 1 200 000 000
Skype 300 000 000
Viber 240 000 000
LINE 200 000 000
BBM 100 000 000
Tencent QQ 890 000 000
Slack 1 100 00
ICQ 10 000 000
[email protected] 27 000 000
WeChat 860 000 000
Telegram 170 000 000
Kik 300 000 000
What can bots do?
Chatbots can do virtually anything that can be accomplished in a natural dialog:
Search for information Showcase catalog items and add them to the shopping cart Find and display images Provide hints and advice, depending on a user replies Communicate face-to-face or in a chat room
Where it’s useful?
Restaurant business
Order accept
Order accept
Accept payments
CRM integration
Customer support
New clients
Statistical data
Site widgets
Language support
Individual Solutions
Why are bots useful?
  • A chatbot is cheaper to develop than a mobile application, because you are saving on a user interface design.

  • Bot is easy to integrate, if your website, mobile application or CRM already has an API.

  • Chatbots are a new channel that works well to increase your retention rate and customer loyalty, and compare to email blasts and SMM, bots deliver a more engaging experience.

  • Chatbots easily scale. If you launch a bot in one messenger, then it won’t take much time to carry it over to another one.

  • The wow effect! An extra competitive advantage never hurts anyone.

  • Your users don’t need any additional software to be installed. Bot can be set up with a single click/tap in a messenger that they are already using!

  • There are no special requirements to the hardware. Instant messengers run even on the most basic smart phones.

  • User interacts with the chatbot in the messenger interface that’s familiar to them, ensuring a comfortable experience.

  • Chatbots work well even over slow Internet connections.

  • Chatbots are quickly upgraded as there’s no need to wait for each new version approval on Google Play or AppStore.

Stages of creating chatbots for businesses
Need individual bot? No problem
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Still not sure if a chatbot will be of any use?

See what value the chatbot has delivered over a few months of testing!

  • In three months, 1,255 orders have been
    placed via the chatbot, for the total amount of $24,000.

  • In the first two days, 1,500 users gave
    their contacts to the chatbot.

  • By the end of August, 4,000
    users started using the bot.

  • User conversion during the test run: 32%.

About us

We are team of Delivea Company from from Poland.
We are glad to see you on our website. If you here, that means you are interesting in automatic software. In Delivea we try to make the Internet a little bit better by automate a usual actions. For example
– give your clients simple ansfer to default questions
– control your webservice by one command
– search information
– sell your goods
– accept payments
and many other different usefull things wich waste your time and could be automate
We are happy to produce you bots for popular messangers, which can do a lot of fantastic things and save a little time to you for more interesting things, than check your webserver status or send any data.

Our team is also open for great ideas and we are interesting in develop software for free, if you have a really good idea. We hope you will be satisfied by our bots.
Let’s automate our life!