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What is a chat bot?
This is the program code created to solve certain tasks or automate some process

How does it work?
You buy or we develop custom code, created for specific tasks. After purchase and activation, you place the received scripts on your webserver and make the proper settings according to the instructions. After that, the bot is ready to work.

What tasks could be resolved by chatbots?
There are a lot of tasks that could be resolved by chat bots. For example: automatic search, remote control, counseling clients, online services, training and so on. You are limited by your imagination.

What will I get after the purchase?
You will receive a mail with all information, instructions and web archive with scripts. You can install it and start to use immediately.

Can I order an individual chat bot?
Yes! We can develop any chat bot you need. You can leave us a request from main page and we’ll contact you.

How much time it will take to develop an individual chat bot?
Usually It takes about 3-4 weeks, but it’s depend on what functions you need.

Can I change a chat bot scripts which I purchase?
Yes, but not more than 30% of all code. If you want to change more part of scripts, you need to contact us.

Can I resell your chatbots?
You need to contact us and we will give a patner link for reselling. If you want to sell from your website, you need to contact us.

If I order an individual chat bot, will you sell it to another clients?
No. We don’t sell individual chat bots. We can do it only after 36 months after purchase.

If I don’t like your products, can I return it?
Yes. You can return all products during 60 days after purchase by you.

How I can get a support of your products?
You just need to contact us in any convinient way and we will help you to resolve your questions. All contacts can be found on our website.

If I have a good idea for chatbot, can you develop it free?
Yes, we are open for interesting ideas and can do it for free.