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Personwapp is ultimate personal assistant with different helpful options that will make your everyday life easier. This bot consist actual intelligence that will chat with you and will reply you shortly.
Personwapp options:
-You can chat with bot about different things. If you need to know release date of your anticipated film, or its ratings, get information about near places to go with friends such restaurants, cinema or get information about public places and private companies you just ask Personwapp and it proceed short consistent answer;
-Option for web searching and wikipedia searching. If Personwapp can’t handle your question or you need just search information i the internet or wikipedia, you can do it right in the Personwapp without switching apps. Just type sequence for searching and Personwapp provide answer with results.
-Download music and learn about it. The bot can download music by provided name of song and band directly via whatsapp audio share and perform function of Shazam. You need to choose this option and hold the audio recording button while the music is playing. Release the button and it will return an answer with the song’s info.
-Get last news and currency rates. The bot can provide currency rates and latest news for you.

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